Attention Wholesalers in a Shrinking Market & Fix & Flip Investors facing Rising Prices

From America's Most Creative Flip Technique Creator, John Alexander... Comes a totally NEW WAY TO FLIP Vacant Lots!

Flip Vacant Lots

Virtually from Anywhere using my SELF-FUNDING method, the deal funds itself!

This works even if you have never done a land flip before!

SELF-FUND all your flips !

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Would you like to HAVE ALL YOUR DEALS SOLD before you close with the seller?

Would you like to NEVER CANCEL another sales contract with a seller because you couldn't get it sold in time?


Creator of the

Inverse Purchase, that changed the flip industry... Now introduces his latest Flip System

Here's just a Sliver of What You'll Learn:

Strategy #1: How To Self-fund Flip Vacant Lots And Land Priced $30,000 Or Less using your End-Buyer's Earnest Money.  YES, IT'S LEGAL TO DO! 

Strategy #2: Gives You Detailed Information on Each Document Used in the Self-Funding Technique

Strategy #3: How To Draw Up Your Own Deeds, Do Your Own Title Searches With Inexpensive Online Professionals And Eventually By Yourself

Strategy #4: Effortlessly Arrange A Closing Remotely Anywhere In America For Less Than $100

Strategy #5: Escape The Pain Of Having To Lose Deals Because You Didn't Understand All The Moving Parts

Strategy #6: Discover Every Improvement And Addition I Made To The System Over The Last 7-years

"Sold it for 14k ...Net $9,000  Profit ... "

- Jason Mathew

"Making 6K, only took about 5 days to find a buyer."

- Jeff Devoll

"...first one and sold it for 45k net profit on terms"

- Ryan S. Nickel

STOP Worrying About Wholesaling Houses In An Over-Crowded Market ! Flip Land Instead!

Did you know that there's a whole other world of real estate out there most Wholesalers never event consider and it takes less time and effort to flip than traditional houses?


I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about how you can only wholesale flip houses in order to earn 5 to 10 thousand dollar profit targets, but land can earn you the same profit ranges as houses, and you can do it virtually.

  • I’m John Alexander the creator of a new flip and self-funding technique for vacant land and lots. 
  • ​Over the last 25 years I've created some of the most popular flip techniques in our generation like the Inverse Purchase, the Flex Option, the Compound Deed flip. Including concepts used by almost every investor flipping today such as introducing the equitable ownership idea into the real estate industry. 
  • I’ve taught those techniques to thousands of people wanting to enter the world of flipping property. 
  • ​I've perfected training and mentoring frustrated real estate investors so they can escape the current overcrowded and competitive markets and today I’m helping wholesalers just like you to tap into a new method of flipping that is completely underground in this unique niche in the industry, one that until now, only a handful of students and I controlled.

So let me ask you a question, ...would you like to flip property in a niche where there’s virtually no completion and you DON'T have to spend a fortune on mailing, and you DON'T have to drive all over town looking for property? 

...And would you like to to close your own deals without the need of private investors or lenders being involved? 

Would you like to HAVE ALL YOUR DEALS SOLD before you close with the seller?

Would you like to NEVER CANCEL another sales contract with a seller because you couldn't get it sold in time?

If you’re answer is yes, then YOU NEED MY BOOK!

Instant Access to the Book

Start implementing the strategies immediately.

Bonus #1:

Access to the Video, How to find the Perfect Lots and Create a List of Motivated Sellers

In this 1 hour training, you will learn how to locate the perfect lots from motivated sellers willing to sell at discounts high enough to make significant profits every time. It covers exact details on what to do, links etc.

Bonus #2:

Full Access to my Living Trust Course for Real Estate Investors

Learn how the Living Trust can be used to shield what the Public sees, including your competitors, greedy lawsuit happy plaintiffs and their lawyers, and the ultimate protection against liens

Even if you have a current lien or bankruptcy, you can flip property if the proper trust is drawn up. Learn it all, right here.


  You will also learn:

              How to conduct your own title searches

              How to self-close your own transactions

              How to create your own deeds & closing

          How to file them yourself.

          Who Needs This Course?

Double Closers, Land Flippers

Written in plain English for everyday investors!

Bonus #3:

Watch an Advanced Training I Recently held for my Mentoring Students covering my Advanced Strategies for Flipping Land

✓ Watch actual deals John is working on right now, some of them, with his past case study members

✓ Watch how John and his students pick up lots practically free or less than $200. And why and when you can do this

✓ Learn how simple it is to fill out our documents we use to do the entire land flip transaction

✓ Get a behind the scene look at the tools and documents and methods you will be able to use to tie-up property and hand the deal over to a Realtor to sell for you.


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